Is Disney+ a Plus for Disney?


Digital Trends

Disney Plus is the newest member of the online streaming business.

Marcus Concepcion, Staff Writer

Today digital streaming has flooded the entertainment industry by offering hundreds of movies and hours upon hours worth of entertaining and original shows all at a relatively low price. Of these, some of the biggest digital streaming companies are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, all of which have found massive success in just a few years and for good reason. These media platforms work by having a relatively low monthly payment to access everything the system has to offer on almost any device. This near perfect business model seemed like it couldn’t get any better, but then along came Disney.

Disney has gained somewhat of a monopoly on the entertainment industry, owning big names like Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm giving them the rights to some of the most iconic characters of all time. So as the times change and media platforms become digital and more versatile, Disney had to cash in on this idea. On November 12, 2019 Disney’s attempt at an entertainment streaming app was launched in the form of Disney+ where you can access any T.V. show or movie that Disney owns, plus some originals like The Mandalorian: a show based on the Star Wars canon. Disney+ allows users to stream all 23 of the movies in Marvel’s cinematic universe and every season of The Simpsons all for just 6.99, and it’s all ad free.

Being such an old family company, Disney has definitely left their mark in the hearts of generations of children. As of today there are fans of every age, filling theatres, buying merchandise, and subscribing to Disney+ to get their fill of that Disney magic that seems to hang over their empire of entertainment. Alexa Smith from West Boca said, “ My favorite part about it, are the pixar shorts, especially  Boundin’ and For the birds.” she continued,” they’re very nostalgic for me and I like to think about how my future kids will be able to watch the same cartoons as I did when I was growing up.” Disney+ has also made a noticeable impact on social media and the internet community, with memes like “baby yoda” gaining a lot of attention. As for the current state of Disney+, it’s not quite perfect yet as Disney continues to work on issues any new system would be faced with like technical bugs and their user interface but regardless Disney+ has still marked history with the first Disney digital streaming platform.