Senior Sendoff – Marcus Concepcion


Marcus Concepcion, Staff Writer

I don’t know what number it is, but this is my final article for the West Boca Bullseye, my goodbye. I’ve spent every 5th period in this newsroom for the past three years writing for a newspaper I didn’t even know we had, but we do, and it’s a fine paper due to the combined talents and interests of the unique individuals working together to make a great newspaper. Though it’s true that I didn’t know we had a newspaper until I was sitting in it, I’ve watched as this paper has seen new faces with new stories, saying goodbye to more familiar faces that have gone on to pursue their own aspirations, but not without leaving their mark forever with the Bullseye. The first article I ever wrote was in essence how I had no ideas or rather defined opinions making it rather hard to write, plus I wasn’t a very skilled writer to begin with. I soon found my niche when I decided to write about something I truly love: cinema. I wrote short articles listing a top pick of movies with a theme I could choose at my discretion. With this my writing prowess grew, and over three years I could feel a sense of joy with every article I completed knowing it was better than the ones before it. As my skill grew, so did this paper. I watched the leap from printed magazines to an all digital web site and the struggles that come with that. My time in high school is over and thus so is my time in the paper, I’ll be moving on to greater things like the many talented faces before me, as will this newsroom. Time will bring new generations of eager writers, with their stories, ideas, and talents and it’s this newspaper’s constant change that keeps it unique and something we can all be a part of. So goodbye, from one senior writer to all the future writers of the West Boca Bullseye.


Marcus Concepcion