Just Dance!


Ashley Annese , Staff Writer

Recently, West Boca added a dance program to its Performing Arts Academy. The dance teacher, Ms. Rawlinson, has an immense amount of dance experience. She began training at the School of Carolina Ballet Theatre as a pre-professional dancer. At 15, she decided to start professionally dancing at the School of Carolina Ballet Theatre and signed a contract with them at 18 years old. After dancing with them for four seasons, she began working with Ballet Tech and soon after went to the University of South Carolina to major in dance. She was hired by the University of South Carolina to teach ballet and danced professionally with Wideman Davis dance. She also trained with Hollins University and spent three summers training in Frankfort, Germany. She just moved to Delray Beach and was offered a job at Florida Ballet as a dancer and works there as well. In her classes, she teaches ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop and hopes to expand the West Boca Arts Academy!  The West Boca Dance Program also performed in Synergy! Ms.Rawlinson has a spring concert planned for all the dancers; she has beautiful abstract ideas and wants to essentially change everyone’s perspective of dance.