The Race for Volunteer Hours

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The Race for Volunteer Hours

Lia Eilon, Staff Writer

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It is seemingly impossible for students to collect 100 volunteer hours each year as spots fill up faster and faster. It’s a race for volunteer hours, and those left in the dust search for scraps. Students rush to sign up for a volunteer position at non-profit organizations before school even starts—after that, it’s often too late.  

Students are required to volunteer at non-profit organizations. With this rule in place, it leaves the students with only a few places to choose from, and many organizations only accept a certain number of students to volunteer for them per year or per day.  

Our school has many clubs and organizations that offer volunteer opportunities such as:

  • HOSA – Help kids sign up for walks-a-thons and marathons to help support and raise money for important causes. (medical students only)
  • Recycle Club – Collecting recyclables on campus to reduce our carbon footprint on Earth. 
  • Spirit Club – Increasing spirit on campus through various activities and sports throughout the school year. 
  • Key Club – A student-led, international organization that is dedicated to serving our community and organizes and participates in various projects.
  • Compete 2 Give – A fantastic organization that is committed to helping the community.
  • Kindness Matters – Spreading kindness to the community by doing good deeds and running drives.
  • Math Geniuses – High School students volunteer to tutor elementary students at Coral Sunset. 
  • Pay it Forward – Kids earn community service hours by making sticky-notes for the lockers at the beginning of the year with cheerful and welcoming messages.
  • Best Buddies: Pairing up kids and making friendships between kids and those with special needs.
  • Save The Oceans – Informs students on ways to save the ocean and provides community service opportunities to save the ocean.


Non-profit organizations that offer volunteering opportunities for students include:

  • West Boca Medical Center
  • Justin Barlett Animal Rescue 
  • Animal Rescue Shelters.
  • Food Pantries
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Local Libraries
  • Helping Hands
  • YMCA
  • Volunteer Match — a website to generate volunteer opportunities near you.
  • Spirit of Giving Network
  • Best Foot Forward
  • Tomorrow’s Rainbow
  • Special Olympics
  • Palm Beach County Food Bank
  • Tri-County Animal Rescue