The West Boca Bullseye’s Holiday Gift To You!


Annael Toledano

WBHS Newspaper’s Staff Holiday Recipes! Here are 10 delicious recipes our newspaper staff adores during the holiday season.

Annael Toledano, Assistant Editor

With the holidays just around the corner, the newspaper staff of 2020-2021 would love to share our family traditions with you. Holidays are normally a time to be spent with family but with the unfortunate regulations of this year, we hope to spread some holiday spirit with these delicious recipes. Each recipe has been an important part of our holidays and we are confident they will bring a smile to your face as well. Below are the recipes and a story behind them: 

Latkes: Mrs. Rosenblum

My family and friends always get together to make latkes during Hanukkah. The house smells like fried potatoes for days after, but they are a delicious treat. A latke is a potato pancake and a personal favorite. Try them!

Cinnamon Apple Cake: Annael Toledano 

The winter holidays are my favorite time of the year and I can’t ignore the fact that desserts are a big part in that. Hanukkah is a time my whole family usually gets together and looking back on my experiences over the years, cinnamon apple cake is something we have always had. It is something that my family deeply appreciates and if you’re a fan of these ingredients I’m sure you will too!

Zeppole: Vincent Shockley

Zeppole are a traditional Italian treat which is similar to the American counterpart of donuts or munchkins. They are extremely sweet and full of sugar. If you want a change from traditional donuts, this is the recipe for you. 

Magic Bar Cookies: Cynthia Schneider

My family has baked these magic bar cookies for every Christmas for as long as I can remember and it is one of my favorite desserts during the holidays! We just use the basic recipe that you can find on any graham character crumbs box or online like this one, but it is definitely an annual tradition for us. 

Healthy Cinnamon Rolls: Caroline Zavulunov 

My family is big on healthy eating and always choose the healthier option. My entire family is gluten and sugar free, and during the holidays it’s hard to enjoy the traditional holiday treats like cinnamon rolls because they usually involve gluten and sugar. That is why we decided to look for a healthier option that is gluten, sugar, and even dairy free but still delicious. We’ve been playing around with different recipes for the last 5 years and finally found the perfect one. They are healthier, much less in calories, and so good. We’ve been making them every time the holidays roll around. 


*My family substituted the granulated sugar they used with pure coconut sugar, honey, or pure maple syrup sometimes which tastes just the same!

Ham: David Rudd

Every year on Thanksgiving, my extended family travels to celebrate the holiday together. We watch football, snack on appetizers, and enjoy each other’s company. As the sun begins to set, the ham comes out of the oven, and we all enjoy the sweet and delicious honey baked ham.

Goose with Apple Filling: Natasha A Kuneff

There is a tradition spread throughout Belarus, and everybody participates. On Christmas (and New Year, which is when Santa leaves his presents), the seventh day of January, people eat goose stuffed with apples. Hunters leave in search of wild geese, bringing one home to eat if their trip was successful. But if nobody in the family hunts, they buy one from a farm (or store as it’s organic there as well).

When preparing the meal, butter, mayonnaise, and heaps of spices are rubbed into the goose. The chest is also stabbed with a knife, and the cavities are where herbs and garlic are wedged inside. Apples and a little butter are crammed into the belly until it’s full, and the apples may be whole or cut into four pieces. Afterward, the goose is placed in a bag for baking. This takes two to three hours, so while waiting for the main course, salads are made, and the table is covered with food (another particularly important aspect being homemade sausages).

As the goose is removed from the oven, people settle to dine and drink.

Peppermint Bark: Ashley Annese

Every year my mom and I make a few batches peppermint bark to give to our friends and family. Peppermint bark has been one of my favorite Christmas treats since I was a kid and I can’t imagine Christmas without it! Try it out and enjoy!

Pikliz: Jainayah Madeus

Pikliz is a Hatian spicy condiment that we usually eat with fried foods and rich meats to enhance the flavor, and it is necessary to have on the holidays. Whether holiday dinner is at my house, my aunts’ and uncles’, or my grandparents, you will always see a jar of pikliz. If you like spicy things this recipe is easy and great to eat with anything. (My personal favorite things to eat it with are fried turkey, chicken, and bannann peze (or fried plantain)).