Meet Mr. Bob Sack: Algebra 2, Advanced Concepts in Math


Natasha Kuneff, Reporter

Where did you teach prior to WBHS?

North Broward Preparatory School.


Where are you from? Additionally, tell us something interesting to share about yourself.

I am originally from Boston, Ma, and I lived in FL for 48 years. Teaching is my 2nd career, and I used to be an engineer. I love camping and will be traveling on a camping trip across the U.S. for the summer with my wife in our Jeep. 


What is your favorite aspect of teaching?

My favorite aspect of teaching is seeing my students’ faces light up when they understand something they were struggling with.


From where did you graduate?

I graduated from H.S. in 1977, University of Florida 1982. BSE. University of Miami, 1989 MBA. University of Florida M.Ed. 2022.


Is there anything you would like to share with students who may be interested in taking your course?

My goal is to help them develop a love for learning.