Morbius Review: Is It As Bad As People Say?

Morbius Review: Is It As Bad As People Say?

Vincent Shockley, Reporter

Morbius was one of the more highly anticipated movies to come out in early 2022. After a plethora of delays and constant changes, the movie finally came out at the beginning of this month. Following the premier of the movie, fan reactions were nothing short of terrible as they cited the movie as unnecessary and riddled with bad acting. Despite these reviews, I believe the movie is greatly underappreciated and an overall good movie. 

Acting (out of 5): 4

First, the acting, for the most part, is underrated. Jared Leto seemed to truly get into the character as he perfectly portrays the progressions and moral troubles of Dr. Morbius. No matter your belief on the plot of the movie, it is clear that Leto has a great passion for the newly introduced character. 

Matt Smith, who was the actor for Milo, plays the role of the character well, although the character at some points is poorly written and represented. For example, there was one scene shortly following his “infection” which has very poor cgi. 

Plot (out of 5): 4

This movie was also very disorganized and I could never truly understand or tell what exactly it was trying to be. At points the movie seemed to be having an identity crisis of sorts. It seems as if the directors wanted it to be a horror movie at some points, and others where it seems that they were striving for a full action movie. Although confusing at points, the plot was very captivating and interesting from the beginning of the movie although there was much to be improved. 

CGI (out of 5): 3

Poor cgi and untimely actions was where this move had many of its shortcomings. In many situations, this movie “shoots itself in the foot” by killing the tension in certain scenes or simply laughable transitions and cgi. 

Overall (out of 5): 4

Despite all of the complaints, this movie has been underrated by reviewers and many of the regular fans. This movie tells a similar tale to the original Venom movie which received poor reviews, yet was liked by some. This movie may contribute very little to the Marvel CInematic Universe (as some wished) but it is a very solid stand-alone movie. If you are interested in Marvel movies, I strongly recommend that you watch this movie and make a decision of your own.