Better Call Saul’s Return to Television


Lucas M Oliveira, Reporter

It is sadly common that upon its final season, showrunners often drop the ball on the final episodes, such as the case with Game of Thrones, Two and a Half Men, etc. However, there are the TV shows where the writers have pulled through to deliver a brilliant and satisfying conclusion to the series, such as Mad Men, The Office, Friends, and Breaking Bad. 

As of March 18, 2022, another TV show faces its end, a spin off centered around the origins of Bob Odenkirk’s character in the critically acclaimed show, Breaking Bad. In Better Call Saul, we follow Saul Goodman, and his journey as he spirals downwards, as well the adventures of many fan-favorite characters from Breaking Bad.
So will Better Call Saul fall under the curse of bad finales? 

Fortunately, based on the two-episode premiere I am confident that it’s all good, man! Better Call Saul will likely follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and have a tremendous finale! The premiere maintains the show’s excellent quality displayed in previous seasons. 

The acting, as usual, is superb from every actor. It’s hard to pinpoint any standouts among the stars because they’re all so magnificent in their roles. Even cast members with limited screen time bring their A-game and leave an impression on the audience, especially Julie Ann Emery who makes a surprising but welcome return to the show.

As always, the writing is also stellar. It is so easy to become immersed in the story that the showrunners and writers have worked to create. It’s very impressive that despite the show mainly being a prequel, I felt tense for characters who I knew would make it out alive. 

One thing I particularly liked is how beautiful the camerawork and cinematography  was in these two episodes. There was not one shot or frame that was nothing short of beautiful. It was like something you could frame in your house. 

It is clear through the work put on screen that the whole cast and crew put their all into these final episodes, so make sure you catch these final batch of episodes while you can when they air for the first time, and if you haven’t already, watch Better Call Saul! 

Better Call Saul stars Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks, Michael Mando, Giancarlo Esposito, Patrick Fabian,  and Tony Dalton. 

After running on AMC for six seasons from February 9, 2015, Better Call Saul will come to its conclusion on August 15, 2022.