Athletic Packet Confusion


Talia Badalamente, Reporter

Attention student-athletes! The athletic packets for this year have changed. Students can no longer turn in athletic packets in school. In the previous years athletic packets could just be completed at home and then submitted in school, but not anymore. All student-athletes are now required to register through a new online system called “Akitivate.” Although it may seem a little difficult to figure out, the process is actually super easy. 

In order to complete your packet you must go to Once on the website, click login and create an account. Have your parents make an account and fill out their personal information. Parents, you only need one account, even if you have more than one kid. After that, click submit, and your account is ready.

After creating an accountant logging in, or logging in with a preexisting account you’re ready to start registration. So If you are planning on participating in a school sport this year, be sure to complete the new athletic registration.