The Bullseye’s Best Picture Selection


Marcus Concepcion, Staff Writer

It has been a historic year in the world of cinema with some of the biggest blockbusters and most complex roles hitting the screens all of 2019. With film being a very versatile media platform and all the work that’s put into them from the writers to the editors and people behind the camera, there are many admirable aspects worthy of praise. The Oscars, where the convincing work of an actor or the genius writers behind the script are given awards for their cinema excellence and the recognition they deserve. Here is the list of this year’s best nominees and what they’ve been nominated for.

The nominees are: Ford V Ferrari, The Irishman, JoJo Rabbit, Joker, Little Women, Marriage Story, 1917, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Parasite. This year’s pick will most definitely be a tough choice, but one must be chosen to receive the Oscar for best film; read until the end to see our pick.

Ford V Ferrari– This film starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale is a high speed racing drama set in 1963. After Ferrari backs out of a deal with Ford’s company then insults Henry Ford II himself, he swears to beat Ferrari at Le Mans (the world’s oldest active sports car race). Ford plans to do this by building a car faster than Ferrari and he enlists Carroll Shelby played by Matt Damon and Ken Miles played by Christian Bale. Shelby, a retired racer who had previously won the Le Mans and Ken Miles, a hot-headed racer/mechanic. What ensues is a fast paced, action comedy.

The Irishman– It has been four years since Martin Scorsese’s latest film and to no surprise, it has gotten an Oscar nomination for best film along with nine others such as best director and two nominations for best supporting actor, one for Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. The film takes place in a nursing home as a WWII veteran recalls his time working as a hitman for the mafia in early 1950’s New York. One of the films more noticeable attributes is its all star cast, including: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel, two of which have been nominated for Best Actor. 

JoJo Rabbit- This film has found a unique middle ground between a dramatic, historical fiction, and comedy as it takes a light hearted look at the atrocities of WW2 through the eyes of a patriotic German boy named Johannes “JoJo” Betzler. Another thing about JoJo is he has a supportive and friendly imaginary friend: the infamous Adolf Hitler. The plot does not stray away from the dark reality that many were faced with during this bloody conflict. It’s this balance of well written humor and dark themes that make for an Oscar worthy film.

Joker– This film was hyped from the minute of its announcement as it would be the origin story of DC’s most iconic Batman villain and it has more than met all those expectations. The movie was also the topic of some controversy as it exhibits heavy themes that deal with the human psyche and the effects of mental illness on people and society as a whole. Joaquin Phoenix does a remarkable job playing this new rendition of the joker, bringing a whole new life and perspective of the character never seen before. The plot dives into the life of Arther Fleck that has been haunted by misfortune since his birth, and the effects it has on him until his eventual blossoming into the joker character we know today.

Little Women– This is the seventh film adaptation of the 1868 novel of the same name, Little Women. It follows the same plot as the book, taking place in the early 1860s during the Civil War. It’s a classic coming-of-age story with plenty of heartwarming moments but not without its character struggle. Overall, this film does a great job of bringing a new fresher look to the classic story.

Mariage Story– This film follows the divorce of a stage director and his now ex-wife, who also has a career in acting. It’s a classic romantic drama with its splash of comedy, giving a good foundation for the larger plot between these previous lovers. Both being in the industry of entertainment the viewers get a unique perspective on the effects of a divorce between two extensively creative and passionate people. This other level of complexity truly adds to the plot and makes it all the more memorable and meaningful.

1917-  The battlefields of the great war, otherwise known as World War I, was the birthplace of some of the most courageous stories of heroism in all of human history. Although this conflict introduced the template for modern warfare and was the basis for thousands of deaths and the outcome of this war would change the history of humankind. It’s this pressure and dire circumstances that push the two protagonists forward in this fictional historical drama. Another oscar worthy detail about this movie is it was filmed to look like one consecutive shot. With a simple, but the epic plot, 1917 is one of our best picks for the best motion picture.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood- Quintin Tarantino is back in the director’s chair with this one and to minimal surprise, it was nominated for an Oscar. With films like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs under his belt, he was almost destined to win an Oscar for best film. The film stars Brad Pitt and Leonardo Decaprio as two Hollywood actors during the 1950s and keeps Tarantino’s unique style of filmmaking which includes its share of violence, profanity, and Tarantino-esque writing. 

Parasite- Our final nominee is a dark comedy/ thriller straight from South Korea, and could quite possibly be South Korea’s first Oscar winning film. The plot follows the Kim family who has been living in poverty and their effort to make ends meet by holding shabby jobs and pulling scams here and there, but the son, Ki-woo, intends on getting out of poverty through a college education. On the other end of the spectrum is the Park family who have lived a lavish life of luxury with little to no regard for the less fortunate. When Ki-woo is given the option to become a personal tutor for the Park family and when the opportunity comes about the Kim clan devises a plan to replace servants of the Park mansion with members of their own family. What ensues is a unique story with themes of social class and hierarchy making for a complex character study.

For the top pick based on a poll of our West Boca Bulls and winning with a staggering 42%: Joker.