Dear Seniors…Are You Ready?


Arnella Zaichik, Reporter

For many of us, the time has officially come to prepare and apply for college, but for some of us, we still have some more time left to officially apply. Regardless, getting familiar with the process of getting prepared for college is vital for every student. As every student could say themselves, the stress can get out of control when trying to manage school and at the same time trying to prepare with all of the essays, applications, etc… 

However, in this article, the main tips and goals will be emphasized to feel “ A ready” for college. 


  It is most important to acknowledge which college is best suited for you or in other words, another “home” you can see yourself in for the next four years. During this period numerous students start to compare themselves with others to look better based on the college they will apply to, but the secret to this is… there is no right or wrong on what college you get into, that’s the special part about this. As cliche as it sounds, everyone is unique and has their own goals thus, picking a college that is best suited for you is the first step to the lengthy application process. 


   Furthermore, knowing each college’s deadlines and understanding what is fundamental to include in each application or other words, ways to stand out amongst other applicants in your application is another superior step for getting prepared for college. The competition is high especially amongst other advanced applicants that are trying to get into the same college as you however, don’t let this discourage you. Keep on pushing your strength through to achieve your position in the college you wish to attend. This type of mindset more specifically, having a goal-oriented positive mindset should be a must when setting yourself up ready for college. When preparing for college the word “too early” is not classified since for college starting early is the best way to go when applying and getting ready with all of the applications and essays. 


   One of the most important goals to focus on which is self-explanatory is to make sure to locate the college that enables your best interest. To further emphasize this, at the end of the day we all go to college to learn, study and achieve our passion in the field we choose to study in. Thus, picking the school that has the program for your field of study is crucial. Remember to choose a college based on your goals and passions, not what school your friends go to or other distracting concepts. 


   With that being said the list can go on and on about ways to set yourself up for success in choosing a college best suited for you. However, it takes determination and strong will to pursue and achieve your goals. Despite this, good luck to all of us seniors who will be applying for college this year, and future luck to the lower classman who will soon be applying. The best is yet to come!