Coping with Pet Loss


Mrs. Rosenblum

Mrs. Rosenblum’s dog, Elle Woods, passed away earlier this month.

Ariana Chernis, Reporter

Almost everyone has a pet. And if you have a pet, then you know the unconditional love that goes into them, a love like no other. That’s what makes it so gut wrenching and heart breaking when they’re gone. It feels impossible to deal with when they no longer greet you every day or their presence is gone from your homes. It’s something immediately noticed, and as their departure solidifies, so does the hole forever in a pet owner’s heart. 

When it feels impossible to cope, we’ve come across resources out there to grieve the loss of a furry (or unfurry) friend. At, you could create a memorial for your late pets, putting it up on that wall to be seen and remembered forever. At, you could look into pet loss support groups, talking through the unexplainable grief with people who are going through the same thing. At, you can find a resources page to help navigate your grief journey and look for support.

There are resources everywhere, with what seems like, almost every animal group. offers many resources like books, hotlines, websites, articles, and even a poem for pet loss. If you’re looking for many different resources to find and follow, this is a great resource to utilize. is a pet loss grief support center that offers many extensions to follow when looking for outreach. This website is solely centered around pet loss and grief, a great outreach site when grieving this horrible loss. When looking only for these resources, visiting this website might be a great idea. is a University of Florida resource for hotlines, links, and support after losing a pet. For local based support in Florida, this website is worth a visit.

It’s extremely difficult to deal with any loss, especially the loss of a loved pet. It’s hard to know the next step grieving this loss. There are no words and there is no singular grieving process. To find help grieving the death of a pet, there are so many websites and resources out there, just a few of them being outlined here. If you’ve suffered this, I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you can find the outreach you need in any of these websites.