Movies To Expect In Late 2019!


Marcus Concepcion , Staff Writer


  • IT Chapter Two- Our first pick is the frightening sequel to 2017’s IT. IT chapter two is gonna take place 27 years after the events of the first film. Like the book, the main 7 protagonists will return to their childhood town of Derry to face their deepest fears embodied as Pennywise the dancing clown played by Bill Skarsgard. Based on the record-breaking numbers of its predecessor and the well-paced story and interesting characters; this sequel is looking like another record-breaker. 
  • Rambo: Last Blood- Our second film needs no introduction as it will be the fifth film the John Rambo series. As a franchise started in 1982, this series has solidified its place as some of the best action movies in the history of cinema. Last Blood is supposedly going be the last movie of the series. This film is surely going be a fun, action-packed, and fiery conclusion to this legacy.
  • Joker- The last few iterations of the clown prince of crime from the Batman series have all had their own unique look and style, but it looks like we’ll be getting a brand new Joker in October of 2019 and by the looks of it this may be one of the best ones yet, with a great new look and a new actor to back it up. Joaquin Phoenix will be filling the shoes of the Joker and according to critics, the film will hold dark themes and overtones with lots of emotion for viewers to experience.
  • Terminator: Dark Fate- Continuing on with famous franchises, our next film will be the 6th movie in the infamous Terminator series. This movie will continue relatively close to where the previous film ended and will follow our protagonist from every movie so far- Sarah Connor. The story is pretty simple but will definitely entertain its new viewers and fans alike.  


Doctor Sleep- Almost everybody has heard about Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining based on the novel by Steven King. Although King wrote a sequel to the book in 2013, it will be getting its own film adaptation later this year. The film will follow the book pretty closely with its plot following an older Danny Torrence after the events of the shining. In this film, Danny will come across a young girl who shares the same supernatural ability as him and this dynamic of mentor and apprentice is taken straight from The Shining when another character explains Danny’s psychic abilities because he shares the same gift.