Saving Oceans One Student at a Time

West Boca High School’s Save the Ocean club is all about “spreading awareness about what is going on in the oceans”, conserving the ocean, and instilling a sense of leadership in students. The club started back in 2018, marking the 2022-2023 school year as the fourth year of the club at West Boca. With the objective of gaining a better understanding of the club, Mrs. Whittaker answered questions on her experiences and opinions regarding the club. Mrs. Whittaker is the current club advisor, and plans on “doing [it] for a while”. The interview began with questioning how her experiences as club advisor influenced

both her work and home life. “It’s impacted my life now in a way that if I see plastics […] I’m much more aware and I try to keep our beaches clean”. Organizations like these have increased interest in oceanic cleanliness among students and their parents. When students have someone to look up to that genuinely cares about their club, it will inevitably fuel inspiration. While on the topic of considerate leaders, Sara Larancuent (club president) also has a lot to say about the club. She mentions how it “allows [her] to see some of these issues that [she] didn’t know were a problem before”. This is the perfect example of why instituting these key organizations can shape developing teenagers into responsible adults that take initiative in protecting their ocean as well as other interests. 

If you are someone that enjoys partaking in beach cleanups, looking to make new friendships, and acquire a healthier relationship with the world around you, then joining the Save the Ocean Club may be perfect for you. 

Don’t hesitate. Be the change you want to be. And, most importantly, save the ocean and world around you. One student at a time.