Senior Sendoff – Hannah Burrell


Hannah Burrell, Staff Writer

Dear West Boca,

Thank you for the best four years I could ever ask for. From the teachers, friends I’ve made, and the time I’ve cherished in the department, I’m proud to say that I was West Boca Bull. I also had the chance to write article after article for the West Boca Newspaper; also known as The Bullseye. My time being a staff writer for The Bullseye is something I will for sure miss the most; I was able to do most of the articles pertaining to the success of the West Boca Drama Department for these two years as a staff writer. My favorite article that I wrote was when the Drama Department was able to compete in the 2019 One Acts for the first time and was able to take home not only a Superior and two Critics Choice medals, but also were given the opportunity to perform their One Act Booby Trap at Ferguson Hall in Tampa. Now given that I may be biased, as to you wondering why that would be my favorite article that I’ve ever written, it is because the one act Booby Trap was not only my first time ever being cast in a show, but I was able to go to State for the first time. 

Besides being a staff writer for The Bullseye being my favorite past time as a student, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends during school and after school. Especially when most of my friends and I were in the West Boca Drama Department and we’d hang out during after school hours when it came to rehearsal or tech week for shows. Another thing that I will miss most about West Boca is my teachers. From Freshman to Senior Year the teachers I’ve had were always so kind and patient with me given the circumstances I’ve had as a student. One teacher that I will possibly miss the most is my theater teacher Mr. Blank who taught me what it takes to be an amazing person onstage and offstage. He was and still is someone who I’d come to and talk to whenever I’m going through something, and he always makes sure that I’m ok. Though I may be leaving West Boca on a heavy heart knowing that I couldn’t say my final goodbye to my teachers and friends, I’m blessed enough to leave the school on a positive note. I’m going to be attending Florida Atlantic University in hopes of majoring in Multimedia Studies; I may be an Owl for the next four years, but I will proudly always be a Bull. 

Hannah Burrell